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Daily Lunchbox Options

Each day we will pack a lunch for your enjoyment while out on the river.

Sandwich Box Lunch Offerings
or a Salad Box Lunch Offering

Hidden Canyon Sandwich Box Lunches

Sandwich option examples

CHIPOTLE TURKEY  – Turkey, white cheddar, tomatoes & mixed greens with chipotle bacon mayo on a baguette. Served with pasta salad, fruit salad 

HAM & SMOKED GOUDA – Ham, smoked gouda, green apple & mixed greens with whole grain mustard mayo on multi-grain bread. Served with broccoli salad, potato chips 

CAPRESE  CIABATTA – Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, mixed greens with pesto balsamic vinaigrette on a ciabatta roll. Served with potato salad, salami & olives 

HUMMUS & VEGGIE WRAP – Garlic hummus, cucumbers, red peppers, carrots, sprouts, mixed greens and tomatoes on a whole wheat wrap. Served with quinoa salad, berries 

CHICKEN SALAD CROISSANT – Tarragon & almond chicken salad, tomato and mixed greens on a croissant. Served with fruit salad, pretzels 

GORGONZOLA ROAST BEEF – Roast beef, caramelized onions, mixed greens & gorgonzola with basil aioli on a baguette. Served with pasta salad, relishes 

HCL CLUB – Bacon, mixed greens, tomato, turkey & avocado with mayo on multi-grain bread. Served with chips, waldorf salad 

GRILLED WALLEYE WRAP – Grilled walleye, mixed greens, and tomatoes with lemon dill mayo in a wheat wrap. Served with coleslaw, chips 

*All sandwich boxes served with dessert bar or cookie

Hidden Canyon Salad Box Lunches

Salad option examples

COBB SALAD - Chicken breast, bacon, avocado, tomato, hard boiled eggs & crumbled blue cheese on a bed of mixed greens, served with house vinaigrette 

SUN-DRIED SHRIMP SALAD - Grilled shrimp, caramelized walnuts, dried cranberries, dried apricots and crumbly goat cheese on a bed of mixed greens, served with house vinaigrette 

GREEK SALAD - Grilled leg of lamb, cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, banana peppers and feta cheese on a bed of romaine lettuce, served with house greek vinaigrette

CHICKEN CEASER SALAD - Grilled chicken breast, shredded parmesan, tomatoes on a bed of romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, served with caesar dressing 

SPINACH SALAD - Strawberries, red onion, crumbled blue cheese and toasted almonds on a bed of baby spinach, served with poppyseed dressing

BLT SALAD - Smoked bacon, grilled chicken breast, tomato & shredded cheddar served over romaine with house creamy vinaigrette

ROASTED DUCK & VEGGIE GRAIN BOWL - Duck, bulgur, beets, carrots, shallots, served with yogurt dressing 

CHICKEN & PASTA BOWL - Grilled chicken, linguine, roasted Brussel sprouts, tomato, bacon, caramelized onions, parmesan, and olive oil

*All salads served with bread and dessert 

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